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Automatic Coffee Centers

Why Should I Buy an Automatic Coffee Center?
Taste, Variety, Convenience.
Most coffee experts consider grinding and brewing under high pressure within a short period of time the ideal process to achieve maximum flavor and aroma without bitterness and over-extraction. Our own research shows that coffee lovers prefer high-pressure brewed coffee over any other coffee brewing method.
Make authentic Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, long Crema Coffees, even hot chocolate and tea, with a push of a button, perfectly every time!
GRIND, TAMP, BREW and CLEAN in under 60 seconds! No other system can produce such a variety of beverages with more convenience.

The world of coffee:
There are many ways to brew coffee: Percolating, Cold Brew, Instant, Hand Drip, French Press, Automatic Drip and Pressure Brewing. Each system creates a different taste. The high-pressure brewing method retrieves a maximum of flavor and aroma. That's also the reason why many fine European restaurants and hotels only serve you freshly pressure brewed coffee. Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers do exactly that... and quite a bit more...

Ten reasons why you should buy a Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Center

1. Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers make the freshest, most aromatic coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte completely automatically.
It’s like having a coffee Barista of your very own!

2. Each cup of coffee is made on demand.
All you have to do is press a button!

3. Coffee is ground for each cup just before brewing, preserving more aroma than any other brewing system.
The coffee can’t be fresher!

4. High-pressure brewing forces hot water through the grounds extracting flavor and aroma in less than 30 seconds, leaving behind all bitter chemicals which are normally extracted during a longer brewing methods.
The coffee can’t taste better!

5. All our Automatic Coffee Centers have an extra large brewing chamber, which holds up to 16 grams of ground coffee… more than any other system on the market. This design allows you to brew up to 16 oz. of coffee at a time.
The choice is all yours: One or two espressos, one or two double shots, two double shots, a 12 oz. mug or any other combination of up to 16 oz. of coffee at a time.

6. Our high-wattage stainless steel lined thermoblock heating systems deliver unlimited amounts of steam for frothing and steaming milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
Frothing milk was never this easy!

7. A hot water dispenser is ideal to prepare a large cup of tea in seconds.
Tea anyone?

8. All our Automatic Coffee Centers can be operated in stand-by mode all day long, ready to make a cup of coffee in seconds.
The 60-second cappuccino, anytime you want it!

9. User friendly and informative alpha-numeric displays inform you when its time to refill and to clean your machine.
It’s as easy to clean as it is to make coffee!

10. Made in Switzerland: All Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Centers are made of high-end quality materials. The built-in commercial conical steel burr grinder is manually calibrated during assembly to assure highest precision grinding.
You can’t buy a better, more reliable machine!

JURA-CAPRESSO Automatic Coffee Centers - A New Class All By Itself!
Jura AG, founded in 1931 in Switzerland and Capresso Inc., founded 1994 in the USA, have joined forces to bring you the finest Automatic Coffee Centers. With unique, innovative and user friendly features such as interchangeable frother systems, easy to read multi-language LED displays, elegant coffee brewing illumination, instructive videos and DVDs our line of IMPRESSA models offer a level of sophistication and high-end design not found anywhere else today.

Which Automatic Coffee Center is right for me?
An Automatic Coffee Center is an important purchase. We want you to be completely happy with your choice:

  • View and download a comparison charts (below),
  • Study the user profile (below),
  • View and download operating instructions and quick reference guides on all current models,
  • View video segments on each models (see individual pages of each model),
  • Order a DVD with over two hours of information on all current JURA-CAPRESSO models – free of charge at (just order “DVD for automatic coffee centers” and give us your name and ship-to address).
  • See more pictures and read more about each model by clicking on the pictures on the right side. That will bring you to each model’s individual page.
  • Check our section factory serviced products for great values on reconditioned coffee centers with full warranty.

Compare side by side:

Download PDF Comparison Chart for Automatic Coffee Centers

User Profile

Z5 (Model # 13214) $3,249; Z6 (Model # 13299) $3,659

  • The first automatic coffee and espresso center with professional technology and one-touch cappuccino system for home use.
  • You really like cappuccino or latte. There is a one-touch cappuccino button. Push it and the Z5 / Z6 will make a cappuccino from scratch without ever moving the cup. The milk stays cold for up to eight hours in insulated thermal containers right next to the machine.
  • Eight fully programmable beverage buttons fulfill all your coffee dreams.
  • The first coffee center with true low noise grinding,
  • The first automatic bean level sensor (never run out of beans),

The ultimate automatic coffee center…

IMPRESSA S9 Avantgarde and S7 Avantgarde
S9A (Model #13215) New Low Retail $2,299; S7A (Model #13289) $1,999

  • You entertain frequently, different people use the machine, you want the absolute fastest reaction time (two heating systems), you need a bigger capacity and you like all functions infinitely programmable (even the milk!) then the Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA S9/S7 Avantgarde is right for you. No other machine on the market (except the Z5) offers the speed, the capacity or the features of the S-class.
  • Two or more people use the machine.
  • You like to program the amount of coffee beans for different cup sizes.
  • You like programmable amounts of frothed or steamed milk right in your cup for cappuccinos or lattes when you entertain. Our automatic “frothXpress PLUS attachment” comes standard with the S-class.
  • You like the traditional frother to froth and steam exactly to your liking. Dual position for steam only (Latte) or steam and froth (Cappuccino). Our traditional frother “Dual Frother Plus” comes also standard with the S-class.
  • You like the machine to turn on automatically in the morning.
  • You like pre-warmed cups (50 sq inches stainless steel recessed active warming platform).
  • You frequently brew more than 20 cups a day (96 oz water tank capacity requires less refilling).
  • You entertain frequently and like to serve different coffee drinks fast (two ThermoBlock heating systems; no purging after frothing).
  • Different finishes (S9A all platinum metallic finish with chrome plated coffee spout; S7A all matte black finish with chrome plated coffee spout) fits any elegant kitchen, dining room or office setting.

IMPRESSA F9 (Model #13171) $1,799

  • If you like state of the art technology, if high-end materials and design are an integral part of your life, the Impressa F9 is definitely your choice. Looks and luxury are backed by uncompromising performance and quality.
  • 3 millimeter thick chrome plated alloy front housing, die-cast coffee spout, stainless steel grid for total elegance.
  • Elegant coffee brewing illumination.
  • Unique sensor touch control technology and two-line multi-color LED display show your choice of coffee and strength while brewing.
  • You like the traditional frother to froth and steam exactly to your liking. Dual position for steam only (Latte) or steam and froth (Cappuccino). The frothXpress PLUS system (separately available) can also be attached to automatically produce the amount of hot frothed or steamed milk directly into your cup.
  • Stainless Steel lined ThermoBlock heating element (no purging after frothing).
  • Fully programmable.

IMPRESSA F8 (Model #13345) $1,399
(Model #13185) $1,329

  • F-Series design and full F-Series programmability.
  • High quality where it counts (die-cast chrome plated coffee spout, stainless steel grid)
  • Elegant proportions and coffee brewing illumination.
  • Fast, intuitive, user friendly design with full LED information (cup size, coffee strength).
  • Smart logic remembers all your last settings or lets you change while brewing, frothing etc.. Stainless Steel lined ThermoBlock heating element (no purging after frothing).

IMPRESSA F60 (Model #13300) $1,599

  • The “big brother” of the F7.
  • Enjoy coffee all day long without cleaning in between.
  • Twice the water capacity (125 oz.)
  • 50% larger used coffee container. Holds 25 instead of 16 used coffee portions
  • Larger tray to hold more rest water.
  • Ideal for entertaining, the office and the reception area.
  • Despite the larger capacity the F60 still fits comfortably underneath standard kitchen cabinets.
  • Same design concept, technology and logic as the F7.

IMPRESSA E9 (Model #13204) New Low Retail $999
(Model #13187) New Low Retail $899

  • Technology without compromise! Great value!
  • No other machine in this price class comes with these hi-tech features.
  • Same capacity and internal components like the F7.
  • All essential programming features.
  • Fast, intuitive, user friendly design with full LED information (cup size, coffee strength).

Smart logic remembers all your last settings or lets you change while brewing, frothing etc. Stainless Steel lined ThermoBlock heating element (no purging after frothing).

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