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Capresso Outlet

From time to time Capresso offers CERTIFIED FACTORY-SERVICED PRODUCTS at considerable savings.

These products have been used before and have been returned for a variety of reasons: sample products, demo products, customer remorse, wrong purchase, wrong gift, replaced with a different product. The products might have slight outside blemishes, stainless steel grids might show signs of usage. All functions are working 100%.

  • All products have been carefully checked, tested and cleaned.
  • All products are equipped like the original new product and perform like a new product.
  • Products might have scratches and might have minor imperfections with regards to appearance. Stainless steel grids might show signs of usage.
  • Factory-serviced products bought from this website come with a 15 day "no question asked" return policy* and carry a one year limited warranty.
  • For automatic coffee centers extended warranty protection is available. Details are included with the product.
  • Factory-serviced products are shipped in service cartons. and are marked in an inconspicuous place with a "Factory Service" sticker.

Currently available
First price indicates price for one factory serviced product. We add 6% sales tax for New Jersey residents. We add $16.50 for UPS ground for shipping and handling per order (not per item) within the lower 48 states. Sorry - no export. Price in "( )" indicates the current or last available price for the same item in new.

To see more information double click on the item name.
To order one of those products double click on the price.

Click on name for more information Click on price to order
Coffee Makers:  
MT500, #440, $103 ($169)

Automatic Coffee Centers:

Impressa F9, #13171 $999 ($1,799)
Impressa S8, #13180 $1,299 ($1,999)


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