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Coffee Makers > MT500 (Model #440) & Model MT500 Plus (Model #441)

10-cup Electronic Coffee Maker with unique alloy body and stainless steel thermal carafe

New Technologies… New Materials… New Features…

Highest rated coffee maker by independent consumer test!

MT500 : Alloy body, stainless steel thermal carafe, black filter holder
MT500 PLUS: Alloy body, stainless steel thermal carafe, metal filter holder

Features and Benefits:

  • Stainless steel thermal vacuum carafe with drip-free pouring spout keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours.
  • Convenient Brew-Through-Closed-Lid design. After brewing the carafe is already closed.
  • Beautiful high-gloss alloy body gives the MT500 superior stability. The easy to clean polished surface is specially treated to maintain its luster.
  • Unique stainless steel-lined heating system eliminates water contact with aluminum and reduces the need for decalcifying.
  • Brews 10 cups of coffee in under 8 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma.
  • Drip stop allows you to pour a cup while brewing.
  • Charcoal water filter removes up to 83% chlorine.
  • Electronic filter indicator shows when to replace the charcoal filter.
  • 24-hour programmable clock/timer with easy to read LED display.
  • Special settings maintains aroma when brewing only 3-5 cups.
  • Permanent GoldTone filter is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Safety auto shut-off after brewing.
  • Water level indicator makes filling the right amount of water easy.
  • Concealed cord storage lets you extend just the amount of cord you need.

How Things Work:

Electronic Charcoal Filter Indicator
An internal counter registers how often you turn the coffee maker on. It assumes that it makes a pot of coffee each time the machine is turned on. After 60 pots of coffee the green indicator light starts blinking. Replace the charcoal filter and push and hold the filter button until the green light stops blinking and stays illuminated. TIP: Once the charcoal filter is wet, certain cleaning agents will diminish over time. Replace the charcoal filter at least every six weeks or when the indicator light blinks, whichever comes first. If you don’t use the charcoal system, push the filter button and the green light will turn off.

Instruction Book:

Download MT500 pdf

Testimonials MT500:

"Made the best coffee ever. No other coffee pot I had ever made good coffee. The first thing I liked was the looks but after I used it, like I said, it made the best coffee ever."
B.B., VT

"This unit is great. And the styling really goes with any style of kitchen. We recently received a similar unit from another company. But Capresso MT500 has taken the place of the other unit. The coffee stays warm all day! I really love how it goes up flush to the wall and the great finish."
D.B., AR

"This coffeemaker has everything that makes a great cup of coffee and it won’t break. The stainless carafe holds temperature for hours without making the coffee taste bitter or burnt – and IT WON’T BREAK!!!"
M.R., OR

"WOW, from the moment I opened the box I was impressed. It’s sleek and simple design is truly a work of art. This coffee maker does in fact make a superior cup of coffee. It is unbelievably fast. The first time I used it I had to lean very close to make sure it was on… The water filter removes all bitterness from even lower priced coffee… Although this coffee maker is a little pricey, I would highly recommend it to anyone that truly loves coffee. If the one I tested broke tomorrow, I would be ordering another one."
J.M., OK

"Very smart appearance."
L.H., IL

"I absolutely love the Capresso MT500 Coffee Maker! Not only is it stylish, it makes great coffee and it makes it in almost no time at all. It makes the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had from a home coffee maker and would gladly recommend it to anyone who likes to drink coffee."
A.B., NM

"Carafe is really handy to carry to table or for use as serving piece."
T.G., CA

"This product looks great, makes great coffee and saves energy by having a thermos style coffee pot."
V.S., NC

"My Husband and I are both coffee lovers, We now own a MT500 #440, I must confess, My husband is very clumsy and he has broken 4 coffee makers (all different brands)in a year. Capresso makes the grade when it comes to durability. We are so pleased that we have ordered a coffee grinder to go along with it."
S.D., AR

"Just received my new MT 500 coffee maker It is a beautiful machine...made coffee for supper (canned) just to see how it would taste. It was great...can't wait to try freshly ground beans from my Capresso burr grinder. Also purchased a Capresso frothXpress on sale from"
A.M., MA

Recommended Accessories:

  • Charcoal Filter, Model #4440.90
  • GoldTone Filter, Model #750.09
  • Extra Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe, Model #4440
  • Capresso "Grand Aroma" whole bean coffee, Model #921

Recommended Companion Products:

  • Burr Grinder Infinity, Model #560 and #565
  • FrothXpress, black, automatic milk frother, Model #201.01

How to Order:

Click here for a retailer location near you. Or select model below to order online.

Select a Model and Color:

MT500 (#440): $179.99
MT500 Plus (#441): $189.99



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MT500 Plus
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MT500 Plus
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Jura-Capresso, Cappuccino Makers, and Commercial Espresso Machine at Capresso

MT500 / #440

GoldTone Filter
Charcoal Filter

Black w. alloy body &
stainless steel carafe


Weight &
Dimensions (H,W,L):
7 lbs.

1 Year Limited Warranty for Household Use

UL Listed