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Brewing Coffee at Home | Introduction to Coffee Makers | Capresso Coffee Makers

Brewing Coffee at Home

Preparing great tasting drip coffee at home is simple but requires many factors in order to consistently achieve the perfect cup. Fresh whole coffee beans should be ground to a medium sized grind immediately before brewing for optimal full-bodied flavor. Using fresh, filtered water is essential as brewed coffee is 98% water and non-filtered water could leave the coffee tasting flat. All Capresso coffee makers feature high quality heating elements that heat the water to the ideal brewing temperature of over 200F and brew the coffee in less than one minute per cup for the perfect extraction that is never bitter. Preferably you should enjoy the brewed coffee soon after brewing has finished as this is when the coffee is freshest and has the most flavor.

To learn more about brewing coffee click here: How to Brew the Best Coffee (PDF)

Introduction to Coffee Makers

Capresso offers unique coffee makers for the true coffee lover. Choose from a traditional drip coffee maker or grind and brew coffee maker.

Drip coffee makers heat water to approximately 200F and spray the hot water over a filter filled with ground coffee. As the coffee grounds become saturated, the brewed coffee drips into the carafe below the filter holder. Capresso drip coffee makers feature a permanent gold tone filter with the European conical filter shape considered by many coffee experts beneficial for superb flavor extraction. All Capresso coffee makers feature LED or illuminated displays, are programmable, and come with charcoal water filtration.

Grind and brew coffee makers work similarly to drip coffee makers except they feature built in grinders that automatically grind fresh whole coffee beans immediately before brewing directly into the filter. Grind and brew coffee makers always ensure the freshest cup of coffee and can be programmed 24 hours in advance so you can have fresh coffee when you wake up without having to grind the beans the night before. Capresso grind and brew coffee makers feature conical burr grinders with direct feed technology that allows for a compact, space saving design.

Capresso Coffee Makers

Capresso CoffeeTEAM GS (#464), 10-cup; $199.99
Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS (#465), 10-cup; $229.99
The first coffee maker / grinder combination machine with a CONICAL BURR* GRINDER and DIRECT FEED Technology! Two styles available: Glass Carafe (GS) or Stainless Steel Carafe (TS).

Capresso MT600 PLUS (#445), 10-cup; $139.99
10-cup Electronic Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe

Capresso MG600 Plus (#444), 10-cup; $89.99
10-cup Electronic Coffee Maker with Milled Steel Housing and Glass Carafe

CM200 (#476), 10-cup; $69.99
For anyone who enjoys waking up to the flavor of full-bodies coffee, the new Capresso CM200 programmable coffee maker offers maximum value in a sophisticated but space-saving design.

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